Atlanta Design Festival is the new name for Design is Human, which will be returning for the eleventh year to the city of Atlanta THIS weekend (June 10th & 11th)! The tour is Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and features 17 modern style homes in the Atlanta area (new custom homes & modern renovated homes).

Principle Builders Group built 3 of the homes on the tour: Ashley, Hardendorf, & Spring Valley. Ashley was designed for jewelry designers by Cara Cummins of TaC Studios. Jordache K. Avery, of XMETRICAL designed both the Hardendorf and Spring Valley residences. Hardendorf is set in the Lake Claire neighborhood. The custom design explores transparency in architecture through the strategic placement of windows and backdrops. Spring Valley is a custom modern design inspired by the owners’ love of cantilevers, angles, & levels.

More information about the homes & tickets can be found on the MA website: